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Delta Design Solutions
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I have been on the grid sense 2007 and work as a general contractor from my office at LBF and general manager for one of the best and busiest sandboxes on the grid formerly Little Blue Island now called LBF or "Little Blue Fermi" with the addition of the Fermi Sandbox. 
Those know as "Little Blue Fermians" are some of the nicest people on the grid. 
We are always ready to help you with your project and do our very best to protect the sim from grievers, if you have a problem please don't hesitate to contact a member of management.
Please come and check us out at LBF!.

Delta Design Solutions is my pencil sharpening box.
A place for me to refine my skills, showcase projects that I have worked on, provide to and interact with the Second Life Meta verse community. 
I maintain a privet home with a spectacular ocean front view with my wife Liliana.

In "RL" I work as a mechanical design engineer for a defense contracting company building military vehicle integration systems, and detection and protection systems for various military applications.
Building is who and what I am both in SL and "RL".

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