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LBF Management Team

As you can see we have quite the staff of talent! Rest assured all have been personally vetted by Gillian her self and all are happy to help! 

Please don't hesitate to contact any member of the LBF Team if you need assistance.

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Carter Liveoak Owner and General Manager LBF The muscle behind the brains  
Gillian Carthage Owner and General Manager LBF and the brains behind the operation 
Aaack Straaf General Manager and all around goof off 
Paddy Wright Owner and General Manager The man behind the seens 
Afon Shepherd NCI Ambassador 
Eradanis Boccara Manager and good friend I have worked with Eradanis on several projects 
Supremius Maximus "fellow conspirators" 
NCI Pixelmaid NCI Ambassador 
Akilily Foxclaw Manager 
Awen Stardust Manager 
Mjolnir Uri Manager 
Sparkaphat Doobie Manager and good friend.. Sparks is very cute and very talented 
Astin Miles Manager 
Tess Wytchwood Manager 
Sensuous Maximus Manager 
TheBlack Box Manager 
Bethanne Boyd Manager 
Kai Eldrich Manager 
Mindy Mathy  Manager and very good friend Mindy is loving and talented 
Sierra Tolsen Manager 
Margaux London Manager 
Sean Schmid Manager and a very talented builder 
Cito Karu Manager and likewise very talented see his blog at 
Torcha Doobie Manager and Spark's sister 
Santa Kwassmann Manager and yes... Santa Clause.. chuckles 
Maverick Grunfeld Manager and Dark Knight 
Lance333 Piaggio Manager and Friend 
Mirella Dallagio Manager and Friend 
Gale Windlow Manager 
Northlight Sodwind Manager 
firstname Inventor Manager 
White Queen Manager 
Cherie Sands Manager 
Sidhe Wise Manager 
missy Greyhound Manager 
Ceiri Ansar Manager 
Cinderella Winkler Manager 
Jopsy Pendragon  Fellow Conspirators 
NCI Alter NCI Ambassador 
NCI Alchemi NCI Ambassador 
Ralph Cooljoke Manager 
JeZeBeLe Dagger Manager 
kye Faith Manager 
Jaket Benelli Manager 
Showing 44 items